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School festival information in Miyagi prefecture of 2018

There is a festival in October at the university in Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Because general people can enter, please come and visit the university in Miyagi prefecture.
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10/6 (Sat) – 10/7 (Sunday)

Sendai University

Electric train
JR Tohoku Main Line
10 minutes walk from Funaoka station

10/7 (Sunday) – 10/8 (Monday)

Miyagi University (Yamato Campus)

From Tohoku Expressway “Izumi I. C.”, Arrive in Osaki direction, Miyagi prefecture library direction in about 15 minutes

Tohoku University College (Izumi Campus)

Car / bus
About 10 minutes from the subway Nanboku line “Izumi-chuo station” to “Izumi campus front” row bus (No. 4 stop)
Approximately 30 minutes on foot from Izumi Chuo Station on the subway Namboku Line

Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University (Komatsushima campus)

By train / subway
【Using JR Sensei Line】
○ Take Aiko / Yamagata direction
Get off at Toshogu station (15 minutes on foot)
【Using Sendai City Subway】
○ Subway Namboku Line From Sendai Station Izumiyako Line
15 minutes on foot from Taihara Station

10/13 (Sat) – 10/14 (Sun)

Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University

Car / bus
From Izumi I. C
Go national highway No. 4 towards “Yamato” direction.
Turn left at the intersection with the second traffic light and proceed to “Negishiishi” “Takamori”.

Take a left turn at the corner at the Fountain Park Town Central intersection at Sendai Royal Park Hotel towards “Long-dog Hill” or “Ueda Kiyomi” and enter the Kitakami-machi Kochi Line on the prefectural road. Miyagi Gakuin is a brick school building on the left in front of the building that has advanced about 3 km.
– From Sendai Miyagi I.C
Proceed from Sendai Miyagi I.C according to the road sign to “Izumi-chuo” direction.
At the turnaround intersection turn right toward “Izumiyakao” and enter the Sendai North Ring Route No. 37 on the prefectural road. About 5 km from the turning intersection, turn right at the long-lost altitude intersection towards “Mizu no Mori”. The brick school building in front of the left is Miyagi Academy.
■ Miyagi Traffic Bus
– From Sendai station
A: Take the West Exit Bath Pool # 3 Take the Miyagi Gakuin Line (Miyagi Gakuin Front Line) → Get off at “Miyagi Gakuin Front”
B: Take exit at West Exit Bus Pool No.2 Miyagi University Line (Miyagi University · Sendai Health and Welfare College Front Line or Izumi Outlet Line) Take → Get off at “Miyagi Gakuin Front”
【Duration: about 30 minutes · Fee 380 yen】

Shogakuin University

Bus / Cars
When using a car
From JR Sendai Station → Route 286 to “Yamagata Direction” for about 20 minutes
From Sendai South I.C → Route 286 to “Yurigaoka” about 5 minutes
When using a bus
From JR Sendai station → West exit Bus pool about 40 minutes
From subway Namboku Line Nagamachi-minami Station → 15 minutes to the 3rd stop
From JR Minami-Sendai Station → About 15 minutes to the west entrance

Ishinomaki College of Technology

Car / bus
Express bus
Sendai station front: Sendai Station West Exit Before Eden 21 – Ishinomaki College of University
Miyako Express Bus Timetable (Ishinomaki-Sendai Line)
City bus (Ishinomaki Satoru University line)
Ishinomaki Ekimae: No. 3 stop – Ishinomaki College of College
5 minutes from Sendai Minami I.C or Tomiya I. C by Ishinomaki Onagawa I.C of Sanriku Expressway

Tohoku Gakuin University (Tsuchiu Campus)

Electric train
About 20 minutes on foot from JR “Sendai station”
Approximately 5 minutes on foot from “Gotobashi Station” or “Atago Bashi Station” subway Namboku Line
About 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop “Gotobashi Station”

Tohoku Gakuin University (Tagajo Campus)

Train / car
About 7 minutes on foot from JR Sengoku Line “Tagajo Station”
About 15 minutes on foot from JR Tohoku main line “Kofu Tagajo station”

10/20 (Sat) – 10/21 (Sunday)

Miyagi University of Education

Car / subway

■ To Miyagi University of Education (Aobayama area)
<Subway Tozai Line>
From “Sendai” station, get on to “Yagiyama zoological park” and get off at “Aobayama” station
(Boarding time 9 minutes, fee 250 yen)
About 7 minutes on foot from ‘Aobayama’ station ‘North 1 exit’ to the university gate
※ Go out from “Aobayama” station “North 1 exit” and proceed to the right on the sidewalk.
If you walk on the sidewalk as it is, you will arrive at Miyagi University of Education (about 650 m).

Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University

Electric train
From JR Sendai station to JR Komi station
JR “Sendai” station ⇔ JR Sensei line “Kunimi” station (required time approximately 15 minutes / charge: 200 yen)
I get off the train and arrive in 1 minute on foot.
Because Kunimi station is a quick stop, it is safe without going through.

Tohoku University of Life and Culture

To “Rainbow Hill Complex (via Kuromatsu Complex Entrance)”
To “Izumi Chuo Station (via the Rainbow Hill / Mizuhodai)”
Go to Yaotome Station (via the Rainbow Hill / Kamo Estate)
About 25 minutes

Get off at “Mishima Gakuen Tohoku University of Lifestyle and Culture University · High School” (one way 340 yen)

Tohoku Welfare University (Kunimi Campus)

Electric train
Get off at JR Sensei Line “Tohoku Welfare University” station, 5 minutes on foot

10/27 (Sat) – 10/28 (Sun)

Sendai Shirayuri Women’s University

Car / bus

Sendai municipal subway
Sendai station – Yaome station: 13 minutes Transfer to Miyagi Traffic bus at bus stop 3 (Fare one way 190 yen)
Sendai Station – Izumi Chuo Station: 15 minutes Transfer to the Miyagi Traffic Bus by bus stop 5 – ② (Fare one way 190 yen)
Miyagi Koto
“Tsurugaoka New Town before the residence” row
Get off at “Sendai Shirayuri Women’s University entrance”, 5 minutes on foot

11/2 (Fri) ~ 11/4 (Sun)

Tohoku University (Kawauchi Campus)

Subway Tozai Line
Traffic access
Please use subway Tozai line to alleviate congestion.
Kawachi Station
(Direct on-campus)
International Center Station
5 minutes on foot from the West 1 mouth

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