A woman who took a strike from Bay Blues

The girl wanted to be a baseball player.

I taught her how to throw the ball.

She learned the drop ball.

She made strong baseball playing with high school students, men.

There is a girl who is good at baseball. He showed interest.

He is good at directing and he will let the statue appear in the baseball field or do not know what to do.
The customer welcomed his direction.

He wanted a topic of a female professional baseball player.
He likes new things.

Baseball god bay blues

At that time, the New York Yankees was afraid of murderous batting.

The baseball world at the time was greatly excited.

Finally, her team confronted the New York Yankees. Some baseball fans wanted to defeat the Bay Blues.

She respects the blues.
Bay blues does not see eyes on her.

Bay blues had avoided her eyes all the time.

That evidence photo is this.

Bay blues said she could not use it even if she got to the game.

Can she win the bay blues?

Jackie was a bench start on the day of battle.Jackie’s team is defeated and can not win anymore. Jackie’s team is pinch.
There is no reason to win the New York Yankees.

Jackie fought with the New York Yankees.

Baseball god Bay Blues.

The guest thought that Bay Bruce won.

Showdown of 17-year-old girl and Bay · Blues.

She took off the first ball.

She is a strike on the second ball.

She is striking on the third ball.

Her fourth ball.

She threw a drop ball.
Bay Blue moved the bat, but it did not hit.

She won the Bay Blues.

Jackie Mitchell won the Bay Blues.
after that,
I also won Henry Louis “Lou” Gehrig

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